John R. Simon, Ph.D.

President and Scientific Director, Tulip Biolabs, Inc.

Phone: 215-631-1800


Dr. John Simon received his Ph.D. in Biology from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1988. Subsequently, he performed academic research at the University of North Carolina studying the protein biochemistry of actin cytoskeleton dynamics, microtubules/mitosis, and nerve growth cone signaling.  His research results have been reported in several publications.  Dr. Simon has over 30 years experience in industry designing and manufacturing enzymes, antibodies, biochemical assays, and ELISA’s for sale and distribution to academic, pharmaceutical, and government laboratories. Additionally, he has several years experience in bioanalytical laboratories performing assays, data analysis, and report preparation.  John founded Tulip Biolabs in the year 2000, and is currently the President and Scientific Director of Tulip Biolabs, Inc.

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