Bioanalytical Method Validation of Macromolecules

Ligand-binding Assays

ELISA Immunoassays

Biochemical Methods

Protein Biochemistry Research Support

Enzyme activity assay method development

ELISA Assay development

Protein modification

Specific experience

Drugs of abuse ELISA assay development (JWH-018, UR-144, PB-22, AKB48, AB-PINACA, Salvinorin, etc.)

PARP (poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase

Nitric oxide (Griess colorimetric, DAN fluorometric)

Humoral response vaccine ELISA assays

Prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA)/PSA proteins

HPV16E6, HPV16E7, HPV18E6, HPV18E7 proteins

Leptin, Ghrelin

Angiotensin II

Arginase activity


and others…

Lab Facilities

Microplate readers

Microplate washers

SDS-PAGE/WB equipment

UV/Vis spectrophotometers

Analytical balances

Refrigerated centrifuges

Cold storage facilities at 4˚, -20˚, and -70˚C

Supporting lab equipment

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