PARP14m3 MAR Affinity Resin

Negative Control Magnetic Resin (covalent)

Description: Cat. #2427 Negative Control Magnetic Resin are the same magnetic beads used to produce the #2414, 2426, and 2438 mag affinity resins, but instead of attaching the corresponding affinity protein to the resin, the resin is modified to an alpha amino carboxylic acid. Use equivalent volume of the 2427 neg control mag resin as experimentally used for the 2414, 2426, or 2438 mag affinity resins as a control for non-specific binding to the resins.

Supplied as: Each vial contains 0.5mL Negative Control magnetic resin beads in approximately equivalent quantity as the 1mg/mL mag affinity resins 2414, 2426, and 2438.

Please see the Cat. #2427 Datasheet for a complete description.

Price: Cat. #2427  0.5mL/$150; 5 x 0.5mL/$600

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PARP14m3 Magnetic Affinity Resin (covalent)

The Tulip Biolabs, Inc. PARP14m3 Magnetic Resin is designed for the isolation of mono-ADP-ribosylated (MARylated) proteins from cell and tissue lysates.

Macrodomains are evolutionarily conserved protein domains of 130 – 190 amino acids with high specificity binding to mono- and/or poly-ADP-ribose. By recognizing ADP-ribose units covalently attached to target proteins, macrodomains act as readers and modulators of mono- and poly-ADP-ribosylation pathways.  Numerous macrodomain-containing proteins have been identified, including human PARP14 (ARTD8).  PARP14 contains a WWE domain and three macrodomains (m1, m2, and m3).  Expressed and purified PARP14 macrodomains m2 and m3 bind MARylated proteins with high-affinity, and do not interact with PARylated substrates.

Description: Cat. #2414 PARP14m3 Magnetic Resin is highly purified human PARP14 macrodomain 3 fusion protein expressed in E. coli, and covalently bound to superparamagnetic silica-based beads (resin). Typical conditions for the elution of the affinity bound proteins to the resin, for example SDS-PAGE sample buffer, will not dissociate the PARP14m3 affinity protein from the resin.  The magnetic resin beads are small, average 1µm diameter, and remain suspended in solution for a few minutes after mixing allowing for convenient and accurate pipetting.  The PARP14m3 mag resin is useful for affinity purification (pulldown) of MARylated proteins.

See the Cat. #2427 negative control beads, below.

Supplied as: 0.5mg purified PARP14m3 fusion protein covalently bound to 1µm superparamagnetic resin beads (orange dyed) in 0.5 mL buffer.

Please see the Cat. #2414 Datasheet for a complete description.

Price: Cat. #2438  0.5mg/$500; 5 x 0.5mg/$2000

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