Anti-poly(ADP-ribose), polyclonal antibody, IgY

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Anti-poly(ADP-ribose),polyclonal antibody, IgY

Description: Highly purified IgY polyclonal antibody recognizes poly(ADP-ribose) polymer (PAR) in PARylated proteins and the free polymer. The immunogen was  poly(ADP-ribose) polymer produced enzymatically from purified bovine poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase. It has been extensively tested for use in Western blotting (see below), ELISA, and immunostaining. IgY antibody was produced and purified from chicken eggs.

Supplied as: 1mg/mL IgY in PBS plus a preservative.

Please see the Cat. #1023 Datasheet for a complete description.

Price: Cat. #1023 50µg/$70; 200µg/$200; 1mg/$800

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