PARP1 automodified

PARylated PARP1 WB
#2095 Quantity

PARP1 Automodified (PARylated), human

Description: Highly purified human PARP1, expressed in a baculovirus expression system (see Cat. #2090), to which NAD+ and cofactors have been added to allow extensive PARP automodification (PARylation). The automodified PARP1 is lyophilized from its native state.

●Use in Western Blot, 100 ng/lane using HRP/TMB colorimetric methods

●ELISA, 2 ng/well

●SDS-PAGE, 0.75 µg/lane

●As a standard in other assays

Supplied as: Lyophilized solid, 5µg/tube.

Please see the Cat. #2095 Datasheet for a complete description.

Price: Cat. #2095 5µg/$105; 5 x 5µg/$420

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