Cat. #4301

Isolation from MDCK Cells: PARP1 and Tnks1 

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Isolation of PARsylated PARP1


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Af1521 Macrodomain Poly- and mono-ADP-ribose Affinity Resin Set
The Tulip Biolabs, Inc. Af1521 Macrodomain Affinity Resin Set is designed for the isolation of poly-ADP-ribosylated (PARylated) and mono-ADP-ribosylated (MARylated) proteins from cultured cells and tissue samples.
Through the use of a highly specific macrodomain affinity resin, poly-ADP-ribosylated (PARylated) and mono-ADP-ribosylated (MARylated) proteins are isolated from cell or tissue lysates.  The resin bound proteins can be eluted from the affinity resin, and analyzed by immunoblotting, mass spec, or other methods.

Cat. #4301 Set contains 1 each of the following (can be ordered separately):

•Af1521 Macrodomain Affinity Resin, 1mg  macrodomain fusion protein supplied as a slurry containing  ~75µL resin, Cat. #2302 

•Af1521 Macrodomain Negative Control Resin, 0.5mg fusion protein supplied as a slurry containing ~75µL resin, Cat. #2303

The Af1521 Macrodomain Affinity Resin, Cat. #2302 is highly purified GST-Af1521 macrodomain fusion protein construct expressed in E. coli, and bound to glutathione beads.  The Af1521 macrodomain protein binds poly- and mono-ADP-ribosylated proteins, plus poly(ADP-ribose) and free ADP-ribose.

PAR Negative Control Resin, Cat. #2303 is identical to the #2302 resin except for two gly to asp substitutions, which abolish binding.  The negative control resin is useful to control for non-specific binding, and its use is optional.

Please see the Cat. #4301 Datasheet (pdf) for a complete description. 

Af1521 Macrodomain Affinity Magnetic Resin
NEW!  The Tulip Biolabs, Inc. Af1521 Macrodomain is now available as a magnetic resin, Cat. #2305.  This is the same macrodomain protein capable of binding PARylated and MARylated proteins as Cat. #2302 except here it is supplied bound to super paramagnetic beads for easier handling and higher throughput!

Please see the Cat. #2305 Datasheet (pdf) for a complete description.