Cat. #4306

Isolation from HEK293 Cells: PARP1 and Tnks1 


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RNF146 WWE Affinity Resin Set
The Tulip Biolabs, Inc. RNF146 WWE Affinity Resin Set is designed for the isolation of poly-ADP-ribosylated proteins from cultured cells and tissue samples.
Through the use of a highly specific WWE affinity resin, poly-ADP-ribosylated (PARylated) proteins are isolated from cell or tissue lysates without the use of anti-PAR antibodies.  The resin bound proteins can be eluted from the affinity resin, and analyzed by immunoblotting or other methods.

Cat. #4306 Set contains 1 each of the following (can be ordered separately):

•WWE Resin, 0.5mg WWE fusion protein supplied as a slurry containing  ~50µL resin, Cat. #2334 

•WWE Neg Control Resin, 0.5mg fusion protein supplied as a slurry containing ~50µL resin, Cat. #2335

The WWE Affinity Resin, Cat. #2334 is highly purified GST-RNF146(100-175) fusion protein construct expressed in E. coli, and bound to glutathione beads.  

WWE Negative Control Resin, Cat. #2335 is identical to the #2334 resin except for R163A substitution, which effectively abolishes PAR binding.  The negative control resin is useful to control for non-specific binding, and its use is optional.

Please see the Cat. #4306 Datasheet (pdf) for a complete description